Not every vacation is ideal for bike riding, but Siesta Key and the surrounding Sarasota area offer amazing opportunities to explore on two wheels. If you plan a holiday on the Florida Gulf Coast, here are some of the best reasons to rent bicycles for you and your family.

Why to Rent Bicycles on Your Holiday

  1. To Enjoy The Weather: Florida is the Sunshine State, after all. With so many sun-drenched hours, riding a bike around town is an excellent way to get vitamin D and enjoy our tropical weather. While the summer may be too warm for some, visitors during the winter season enjoy gorgeous temperatures averaging in the low 70s during the sunniest part of the day. Also, our famous rainstorms are nearly non-existent over the winter.
  2. To Avoid Parking Headaches: Siesta Key’s winter months are world-renowned, and rental properties are typically fully booked all season long. This translates to traffic and full parking lots, which can delay your plans and keep you trapped in your car when you’d prefer to be on the beach. Whether going to dinner or watching a sunset, you don’t have to fight for parking spaces or sit in bumper-to-bumper traffic.
  3. To Take it Slow: We live hectic lives, and many of us find it challenging to slow down and truly relax, even when on vacation. When you rent bicycles for the duration of your vacation and use them as your method of transport, you naturally slow down, look less at the clock, and immerse yourself in the beauty and slower pace of the Gulf Coast.
  4. To Discover Hidden Gems: When we drive from point to point, we lose the opportunity to explore the side roads, small pathways, and boutique shops that we are passing by. Traveling by bicycle allows visitors to discover areas the car won’t go – to head down a secluded beach access, investigate the residential neighborhoods, or find the best little ice cream shop in town. Your bicycle can go anywhere your feet can, allowing you to experience a completely different kind of vacation.
  5. To Get Some Exercise: Vacation is the perfect time to get some exercise, whether walking, biking, or kayaking. When you rent bicycles instead of relying on a car, every day provides the opportunity to get a little more heart-healthy.

What Type of Bike Should You Rent?

The best part about renting bicycles for vacation is that there is an option for every lifestyle and preference. You can rent a street bike to explore Siesta Key Village or a beach cruiser to watch the sunset from the water’s edge. Families can rent children’s bikes, bikes with child seats, or kiddie carts to tow behind Mom or Dad. E-bikes provide pedal assist and are perfect for longer rides or for those unsure of their ability to ride all day – and for athletes who want to continue their training, 21-speed road bikes allow you to tour the Keys from north to south.

If you don’t want to pedal but are looking for more accessible parking and salt air in your face, try a motorized scooter – or rent a fun and sporty car to zip around town.

Where to Go When You Rent Bicycles in Sarasota

If you are ready for adventure and want to experience Siesta Key and the surrounding areas like a local, check out Favorite Bike Rides Around Siesta Key. When in Siesta Key for a winter vacation this year, park your car and rent bicycles for a unique itinerary. You’ll never regret seeing this beautiful area in such a special way.

Ride and Paddle rents all the bicycles, scooters, kayaks, and beach gear you need to ensure a fantastic vacation. Call today to schedule a delivery to your hotel or rental property – and then relax, knowing we will take care of everything.