If you’re planning your vacation or want to get out and explore Siesta Key, FL in a new way, a great way to get around and enjoy the sunshine is on a bike. There are different bike types to get you where you want to go. You can ride on the sand, through trails, or on the road. Extra accessories for the little ones to join you can make renting bikes a fun option for the whole family!

Read on to learn about the best one-day bike rentals for your stay in Siesta Key, FL. All of these choices are available as hourly, daily, and extended time rentals with Ride & Paddle.

Types Of Bikes for The Whole Family

1.     Beach Cruisers (Sand and Street Riding)

A beach cruiser is usually a single-speed bicycle with balloon tires, a wide handlebar, barefoot-friendly rubber-coated pedals, and a comfortable saddle. It is a design for a leisurely ride on flat coastal roads and right on the sand too.

A beach cruiser is a design from rust-proof parts to prevent corrosion from the salty sea air. Choose a beach cruiser if you’d like to get around the area, for a relaxed ride through the streets and out onto the beach.

2.     Geared Bikes (Street Riding Only)

Geared bikes come in all shapes, sizes, and features, but our favorite is the 21 speed Trek Hybrid for street riding. A hybrid bike combines features from mountain bikes, road bikes, and touring bikes.

Hybrid bikes are great for riding on smooth paved paths and streets for a workout or a commute to work. A geared bike is the ideal choice for site seeing or shopping for your vacation.

3.     Road Bikes

The design of a road bike’s slim tires, lightweight build, curving handlebars, and small seats that should give you a smooth ride with effortless acceleration. The Trek 1.1 road bike is our top pick, especially for beginners who would like to explore Siesta Key on a bike.

This type of bicycle can handle extended rides, and it weighs just right, so it’s a good pick for one-day bike rentals.

4.     Adult Trikes

Tricycles are not only for the kids, and they can be a lot more fun than a regular two-wheeled bike. Imagine the confidence when you ride a bike, knowing that it’s virtually impossible to tip over. Adult trikes are also ideal for senior riders or those with mobility challenges.

5.     Trail-A-Bikes

If you have kids aged 1 to 4 years old, you can bring them along to your rides with a trail-a-bike attached to your bicycle. Trail-a-bikes designs have the safety of the rider and passenger in mind, although you will carry a little extra weight if your child chooses not to peddle or falls asleep on the ride. Keep in mind that the maximum weight that a trail-a-bike can carry is 100 pounds.

6.     Kids Bikes

Kids between the ages of 5 and 11 can undoubtedly ride their bikes with you as you explore Siesta Key, FL. You can rent bikes for the whole family, including helmets, to keep your kids safe.

We recommend that you rent 20-inch wheeled bikes for kids between 4ft and 4ft 5in and 24-inch wheeled bikes for kids above 4ft 5in but who aren’t comfortable with a full-sized adult bike.

7.     Bikes With Child Seats

Finding the right child bike seat can be a challenge even for experienced riders. The child bike seat must fit your bicycle, riding style, and child to give you the safest, most comfortable cycling experience.

Child bike seats are rear-mounted, front-mounted, or mid-mounted, and your choice will depend on your child’s age. Decide whether you’d like your child to ride facing you, facing forward, or behind you.

8.     Bike Trailers (Kiddie Karts)

A Kiddie Kart trailer is a fun way to travel with your little one, with extra comfort and cover from the sunshine. Even two kids can ride safely in a Kiddie Kart bike trailer as long as their total weight doesn’t exceed 100 pounds.

Choose a cart that comes with seat belts and a clear canopy, as well as additional storage space behind the seat.

Best Bicycle Rentals in Siesta Key, FL

siesta key ride and paddle bike cruiser rental bikes flWith all these options at your fingertips, you can rent bikes for the whole family. The entire family will enjoy their time whether they’re a toddler or they’re 80! For the best bike rentals Siesta Key FL offers, get in touch with us. When you book rental bikes from Ride & Paddle, we drop off and pick up the bikes of your choice, plus helmets, baskets, and locks, and any additional accessories needed.

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