Just because your child is not old enough to ride their own bike doesn’t mean they wouldn’t enjoy a day of exploring outside. There are many options for families who have children who may not be able to ride their own bikes on long bike rides, and this is especially true on a Sarasota vacation. A bicycle child carrier is a fantastic way for families to enjoy Siesta Key and have some fun, no matter the age of the visitor. Bike trailers and bike seats are the most common way to carry babies and children on bicycles.

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Types of Child Bike Carriers

The most commonly utilized bike carriers are bicycle trailers, front-mounted bike seats and rear-mounted bike seats.

Bike trailers are generally considered the safest option for babies and very young toddlers. Many also have the ability to accommodate two children, which may be convenient for larger families. The trailer is pulled behind a bicycle, and children are both secure and shielded from the sun. Some parents, however, prefer to be more engaged with their child while riding – kiddie carts place the child in a position that makes it difficult to talk or interact with them. Some parents may not like how the trailer can slow down their progress, especially on longer rides. Still, these trailers are a comfortable way for children to ride, take a nap, and enjoy the fresh air as their parents explore Siesta Key. (Visiting our area? Call today to reserve your bicycle and kiddie cart.)

Front bike seats are great for toddlers, as the allow parents to speak and interact with their child while biking, making it more engaging for them. However, front bike seats are only recommended for parents who feel confident riding a bicycle. There is danger of falling if the primary rider were to tip over. Depending on the adult bike design, it can also be difficult to mount a front bike seat – bikes such as cruisers are not appropriate for front bike seats. (However, cruisers and kiddie bike carts are both excellent for a day at the beach!)

Rear bike seats may not offer as much interaction for the kids, but they are better for older toddlers and children, and they work well on many types of bicycles. Rear bike seats are mounted either to a rear rack or to the frame itself. Just like front bike seats, it can take some getting used to when you have a child riding a bicycle with you – so make sure you are comfortable navigating and balancing on a bike before heading out onto more crowded streets or into busy areas that you may need to maneuver around people and obstacles.

Renting Bicycles on Siesta Key

When you visit the Sarasota area – whether Siesta Key, Lido Key, or Anna Maria Key – exploring by bicycle is one of the most relaxing and enjoyable ways to sightsee. At Ride and Paddle, we rent the bikes your family needs to pedal your way from Turtle Beach to Point of Rocks, from Siesta Key Village to Siesta Key Beach. We also have an inventory of kiddie carts and bike seats – but be sure to call early. The items, along with bike helmets, are popular and tend to sell out.

You may also consider renting one of our fun scooter cars to get around the beach areas. Your kids will love riding around town in these fun and sporty cars, and you’ll love the ease of parking and the wind in your hair.

Ride and Paddle has everything you need for a truly unforgettable vacation- be sure to browse our inventory and call today to reserve your beach gear.