Electric bicycles, also known as e-bikes and pedal-assist bikes, are becoming an increasingly common sight on Sarasota streets. E-bikes have had an undeniable effect, allowing more people to spend more time outdoors and ride longer distances more easily. E-bikes combine an electric motor and battery with the conventional bike frame to deliver a power boost that makes pedaling much easier.

E-bikes make exploring Siesta Key and the surrounding area easier than ever before.

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E-bikes: Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is an Electric Bike? Put simply, an electric bike is a bicycle with an electric motor and battery that helps the rider while pedaling. However, an electric-assist bike is not a scooter that propels the rider at all times. To be characterized as an electric bicycle, the bike must have a motor that only assists the rider when pedaling. Riders can pedal on their own (without any assistance) and then use the assistance when tired. Depending on local laws, e-bikes usually have a maximum assisted speed between 15 mph and 28 mph.
  • Who Are Electric Bikes For? Electric bicycles are a good option for any individual who enjoys cycling but does not like pedaling for long distances or grows tired too easily. An e-bike can allow those with chronic or acute injuries to pedal without putting too much strain on muscles and joints and is also a great option for older adults who may not be as fit as they used to be – or may be trying to get more fit. But e-bikes are also very popular with anyone who wants to have fun and try something new.
  • Why Should You Rent an E-Bike? There are many great reasons to rent an e-bike when on vacation – if you enjoy traditional bike riding, you are in for a treat! One of the primary reasons people like e-bikes is because they want to ride longer distances or get someplace faster. You can cover significant ground while getting much less fatigue, perfect for exploring many of our favorite Sarasota landmarks. E-bikes are also fantastic for getting around Siesta Key and beach areas, as you won’t have to worry about finding parking spaces. Not only that, but electric bicycles are also “greener” and better for the environment than cars, as they don’t run on internal combustion motors.

    More About E-bikes

    When you first see an e-bike, you may not think it looks any different than a traditional bike. Their frame looks similar, and they also have two wheels, pedals, handlebars, and a conventional drivetrain. However, the bike also integrates a few components that are not part of a regular bicycle. These would include a motor, battery, controller, throttle, pedal-assist sensors, and display.

    The pedal assist sensors are the most important to your biking experience. They may be either a cadence sensor or a torque sensor. A cadence sensor is a magnetic ring affixed to the cranks that informs the motor how fast the pedals are turning. The motor then determines how much power to deliver to the rider.
    Torque sensors, on the other hand, relay information on how hard the biker is pedaling to the motor, which is why many prefer them. When the sensor detects the rider exerting more power on the pedals, it tells the motor to deliver more assistance.

    Try Out an E-Bike!

    If you are on vacation and want to explore the Siesta Key area in a unique way, be sure to rent an e-bike! Ride and Paddle rents a wide selection of bicycles, including e-bikes, beach bikes, conventional bikes, and kid’s bikes, to visitors and residents alike. Call today to learn more.