Are you looking for a great paddle boarding location? If so, look no further than Siesta Key, Florida! This beautiful area is home to some of the best paddle boarding spots in the state. Whether you’re looking for a scenic spot to paddleboard or a place to test your skills, Siesta Key has something for everyone. Let’s talk about some of the best places to paddleboard in Siesta Key.


Siesta Key Beach

Siesta Beach is a paradise for those who love the waters and white sand. It’s one of the top beaches in the Siesta Key village area. You’ll have miles of coastline to explore with this easy access spot, and many rental companies deliver gear here. You and the entire family can spend the whole day here enjoying the sun and sand. There’s also an excellent playground that offers shade during hot summer days, or you can hit up the volleyball court. Are you feeling hungry? There’s also a picnic area and concession stands within walking distance to feed your appetite.


Crescent Beach

Crescent Beach is the perfect beach with an intimate vibe, but not the exclusivity or difficulty accessing it. This public stretch of sand is known for having some of the finest and whitest you’ll ever see. There is rich ocean life at the southern end of Crescent Beach, including marine creatures that live off the beautiful coral formation.


Turtle Beach

The serene setting and gentle waves of Turtle Beach make it the perfect place to relax in Florida. With its natural beauty, you can enjoy watching marine life—including dolphins—swim below your board while rays glide by just offshore or fish leap out from beneath the water. If you visit Turtle Beach during nesting season, you may just see protected turtle nests.


North Bridge Outlook Park

This serene location near Siesta Key is a popular destination. Pull off on the side road before crossing the North Bridge and take in the vistas. This access point at this location is easy and convenient. Head south toward Robert’s Bay or north to Sarasota Bay. Take in the skyline and view luxury neighborhoods as your paddle along.


Phillipi Creek

Paddle through this beautiful six-mile stretch of water, and you’ll be sure to see plenty of wildlife, including otters and manatees. The quiet waters are perfect for beginners because there’s minimal wave activity. It also makes it an ideal spot where people can go fishing or birdwatching without worrying about boating traffic.


Alligator Creek

Alligator Creek is a natural paradise, ever-changing as you paddle the flora and fauna change with each passing moment as it spectates various layers of true Florida in an unbroken display to be seen by all who visit this beautiful spot.


Bird Key Park

Take your next paddle boarding adventure to a little hidden gem called Bird Key Park. It’s a perfect combination of land and sea where you can bring the dog to run around or hop in the water and catch some fish.

Navigate your paddleboard along the coast in Sarasota Bay. Avoid boat traffic and stay away from the bridge if you can. Grass flats make up most of this area’s water which is home to various marine life, including dolphins, manatees, fish, rays, and even sharks.


Mangrove Tunnels

Have you ever visited the mangrove tunnels on South Lido? It’s a must-see, and it would be perfect for novice paddleboarders. Use branches to stable yourself or pull yourself along, then enjoy exploring this maze of roots with marine life in sight! Many routes can be taken, and each offers a unique adventure (maybe even more than once). This location is excellent if you want some exercise by taking out your paddleboard and enjoying nature from above water level.


Blackburn Point Park

Located on the barrier island of Casey Key lies the beautiful scenic Blackburn Point Park. This point can take you to Sarasota Bay or the scenic South Creek. If you choose South Creek, you can enjoy a serene and relaxing adventure on your paddleboards. Take in the lush vegetation and brackish waters. This is a great area to enjoy standup paddle boarding, but be wary of boat traffic.


Lemon Bay Park

The 210-acre shoreline at Lemon Bay is home to both mangroves and scrubby Flatwoods. It’s an excellent place for launching your kayak or standup paddleboard so that you can explore this aquatic preserve from its outside edge – quiet with plenty going on inside!

Head out of the mangrove tunnels for 20 miles of paddleboard opportunities. No need to worry about motorboats in this area. Enjoy the serene water and catch the sunset at Manasota Key.


Venice Jetty Beaches

Enjoy this energetic and active area near Siesta Key at Venice Jetty Park. There are plenty of places to park and easy access to the Gulf. You may catch some wave action if you want to practice paddling on some more active waters. You may see some avid boogie boarders and surfers alongside you as you catch some waves. Just don’t forget your surf etiquette and stay safe!


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