Trying anything new can feel intimidating, and having the guidance of an expert is an excellent way to overcome your fears and gain confidence. Because kayaking involves piloting a small craft through waterways, it can seem a little scary for newcomers. Although we know that kayaking is safe and fun for everyone, we also understand that there are many great advantages to taking a few lessons before striking out on your own. If you are nervous about being out on the water, concerned about proper form, or simply want to make the most out of your new hobby – kayaking lessons are an excellent option.

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Reasons to Take Kayaking Lessons

Learn Proper Form: As we said, basic kayaking can be mastered fairly easily. But most people only think about their forward stroke, so that they master the skill of moving forward in a straight line. Reverse strokes or sweep strokes are rarely practiced or perfected, but these are the movements that can transform a fun day out on the water into a new passion. Without the guidance of kayaking lessons, you could waste a lot of energy paddling inefficiently. Plus, if you begin kayaking with improper technique, it is much more difficult to improve your form later on. Kayaking lessons will teach you all of the strokes, skills, positions, and postures that will establish strong form and set you up for success.

Stay Safe and Avoid Injuries: When the subject of kayaking safety is raised, most people think about wearing a PFD (personal flotation device). PFDs are a necessary and important safety precaution, but they aren’t the only aspect to consider. Kayaking lessons can cover some advanced yet vital skills, such as reentering a kayak if you capsize. While in Sarasota waters, most kayakers don’t have to worry about rolling their kayak, paddlers in regions with rougher waters should learn how to maneuver if something goes wrong. Even something as seemingly simple as climbing in and out of the kayak can cause injury if you don’t know how.

Learn Based on Your Fitness Levels: Some people are naturally stronger or more physically fit than others. One of the best things about kayaking is that anyone can enjoy it, but professional kayak instructors can tailor your learning to your skill and fitness levels. They can also spot any problems with your form or address any concerns you have based on current health issues. Watching a YouTube video is great but doesn’t necessarily target your specific skills and abilities. Kayaking lessons help you to achieve more advanced skill levels more quickly.

Kayaking Lessons Maximize Confidence: Any sport is more enjoyable when you master it. For those who are a little apprehensive about being out on the water navigating a kayak, lessons can help to boost skills – and, therefore, confidence. You can kayak faster, maneuver through tunnels or shallow areas, and not worry about capsizing. Not only that, but you may also gain the skills to paddle further from shore and explore different areas. There is a sense of pride that accompanies learning more about anything you love – and kayaking is no different.

Kayaking Tours and Lessons

At Ride and Paddle, our professional team offers the kayaking expertise you need to paddle confidently through Sarasota waterways. We also provide free tours from The Bay (learn more and sign up here). Even seasoned kayakers will enjoy a tour led by local pros who can point out area landmarks and marine and bird life.

If you are visiting the Siesta Key or Sarasota area and want to optimize your kayaking experience and learn more about our beautiful ecosystem, call Ride and Paddle today.