The statistics tells us that over 131 million visitors come to Florida annually, and over 4 million of those tourists stay in the Sarasota area. If you are one of those people who is planning a vacation to Sarasota, Siesta Key – or any of our other beautiful barrier islands – deciding what to bring is important. While some need little more than a beach towel, a bathing suit and a pair of sunglasses, most who visit this area are looking to take full advantage of all of the beauty and excitement that surrounds one of the most famous beaches in the world. Ride and Paddle is dedicated to helping those planning a beach vacation to maximize their time and money and have the best possible visit.

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The Active Beach Vacation

If you are someone who wants to stay active while on vacation, bike riding and kayaking offer you the perfect opportunity to get exercise while exploring the area’s natural environment. If you drove to Florida, bringing these items may have been easy. But chances are that if you arrived by airplane, you didn’t bring any watercraft. The good news is that traditional bicycles, e-bikes and kayaks are all easily rented once you get here – and they can even be delivered to your beach vacation property to meet you. If you do rent a bike, kayak or paddle board, don’t forget to also have the rental company to send along any safety equipment (helmets or PFDs) and accessories (child bike seat or kiddie cart to pull behind your bike.) Remember that if you want to ride on the beach, you’ll need to rent the specific bicycles designed for sand.

Tired of Parking Hassles? Ask about scooters and scooter cars.

A Vacation for Everyone

The perfect beach vacation often involves the whole family, regardless of age or ability. When you are visiting Sarasota, you can rent beach-accessible wheelchairs, strollers and kiddie carts to ensure that everyone gets in on the fun. Be sure to check out the Mobi-Mat at Siesta Key Beach, which provides 450 feet of pathway from the concession stand to the water’s edge. The mat makes traversing the expansive stretch of powder-soft sand easier for everyone to navigate, whether you have young children or want to bring a traditional stroller or rolling cooler with you.

The Quintessential Beach Vacation

Even if your idea of the ideal beach vacation means nothing more than being on the sand from morning until sunset, there are many items that you’ll need – and you may not think about until you arrive. For instance, a beach umbrella is a great accessory to any long beach day, as the sun can get pretty strong during the day. Comfortable beach chairs, blankets and a big cooler with drinks are necessities – and snorkeling gear and boogie boards can elevate the water fun. All of these items make your day more enjoyable, but lugging everything from your home up north can be a real hassle.

Once again, you don’t have to worry – because you can arrange to have everything you need waiting for you at your vacation property. Visualize your perfect beach set-up, and we’ll work with you to make it happen.

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Ride and Paddle Rents it All.

Vacations are all about relaxation. One call to Ride and Paddle before your trip can ensure that you have everything you need delivered to you, and that you can use it for the duration of your stay.

Whether you need your gear for a few hours or a week, we are the only call you need to make. Ride and Paddle has been improving the beach vacation experience for nearly three decades – and we look forward to meeting you!