Riding a bike on the beach is an experience unlike any other. With the gentle gulf breeze in your face, the sun on your skin, and not a care in the world, biking on the beach is the best way to travel on vacation. Even if you live locally, Ride & Paddle – the number one Siesta Key bike and kayak rental – lets you have all the fun you want on your tropical vacation. Siesta Key offers a seemingly endless number of scenic locations that are best accessed by bike. But not every bike can get you where you want to go.

What Makes a Cruiser Different?

Not just any old bicycle can ride on the beach easily. Sand can get in the gears and ruin the bike. The small tires might not have enough surface area to glide along the sand. Without the right additions, it can be almost impossible to carry everything you need without a car. Any good Sarasota bike rental agency will offer beach cruisers. These bikes are specifically made to handle what the beach will throw at them. With no gears and larger tires, they can effortlessly transition from road to beach. At Ride & Paddle, our beach cruisers come with everything you need for your day at the beach – like a basket in the front and a lock to keep your bike safe while you enjoy the beach.

Must-See Spots

Now that you have the right bike to ride along the beach, where should you go? Siesta Key offers so many beautiful locations to take in, on and around the beach. On top of that, the time of day has a major influence on the scenery in Sarasota. Point of Rocks at sunrise, noon, or sunset will all have their own distinct beauties. Without listing every possible place to see, here are some of the best spots to take your beach cruiser!

The Public Beach- Sure, this might seem like a given, but riding your bike along the public beach is an awesome experience. As you go past everyone enjoying their day at the beach, you’re definitely going to draw some jealous looks. One note of caution, though, when you ride near the lifeguard stands, you’ll have to dismount and push the bike so you don’t get in the way of safety.

Sunset Point at Beach Access 2- As the name pretty clearly suggests, this point is a must see a sunset. The main drawback? There’s not parking nearby. This is enough to keep lots of people from seeing this gorgeous view. A beach cruiser offers a pretty simple solution to this problem. Instead of trying to figure out the best place to park, you can focus on taking in the view! 

Point of Rocks- Point of Rocks is a unique spot along the water in Sarasota. Sticking out of the famous sugar white sand are large rocks. Depending on the tide, these rocks let you walk out into the water without getting wet, giving you a great view into the crystal clear water.  

Some other points that you’ll have to check out include the Beach Access 1 at Shell Road, the Turtle Beach County Park, and the Bay Island Park. Even when you’re not directly on the beach, a beach cruiser will get you to and from all of these points while letting you get the most out of your vacation. Unlike some other Siesta Key bike rental agencies, Bike & Paddle will bring your bikes to you. Instead of trying to find the rental spot, you can just focus on finding the beautiful views! Book your beach cruiser today!


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