There’s nothing quite like a vacation on Siesta Key. Bike Rentals, the sun on your skin, the sand on your toes, and the sea air all around you. Out here, you can relax and unwind. That is until you have to leave. That doesn’t have to be the case! With a Sarasota bike rental, your vacation can continue even once you leave the beach. You don’t have to worry about making a mess in a rental car or finding parking. Thanks to Ride & Paddle, the best place for Siesta Key bike and kayak rentals, renting a bike on your trip is as easy as clicking a button!

Ride & Paddle

Are bike rentals on Siesta Key really a reasonable option to replace a rental car? Yes, for many reasons. Finding your way around an unfamiliar area is easier when all that you have to maneuver is your bike. No matter how bad parking may be, there is always a place for a bike. With an upfront and honest pricing guide, you always know what you’ll be expected to pay.

Unlike other Sarasota bike rentals, Ride & Paddle makes everything easy. Ride & Paddle delivers your rental to you! With easy to understand hourly rates, you always know how much you’re going to be paying. Renting a beach cruiser for an hour is $10. If you decide to keep it for 4 hours or 24 hours, that rate goes up to $14 or $19 respectively. Regardless of the time or product you pick, delivery and pick-up are free on Siesta Key. If you are just off of Siesta Key, a small additional fee is added.

Bike Rentals on the Beach!

A Siesta Key bike rental doesn’t just make things easier. A beach cruiser makes your trip to Siesta Key even more memorable. In Sarasota, you can easily ride your bike up and down the beach. That might sound tough, but the 6 miles of hard-packed sand on the water’s edge makes it easy for the wide tires of the beach cruiser to ride along. There really isn’t anything quite like riding your bike down the beach.

A Siesta Key bike and kayak rental company will let you find the most exclusive spots on the beach. Some spots are hard to get to by car, but a beach cruiser makes it easy! At Ride & Paddle, we don’t just rent bikes and kayaks. You can get all the gear you need, like chairs and umbrellas, with carrying straps so you can easily hold them on your bike. We provide locks and baskets. With your towels, snacks, drinks, and sunblock in your basket, you have everything you need!

Get Out There!

With so many scenic locations in Siesta Key, a beach cruiser is a must-have for your stay. Just a few of them are shown here, in our pictures. Can you find all of these beautiful locations on your beach cruiser? Call Ride & Paddle, your number one Siesta Key bike, and kayak rental, to book your rental today! You can also go to to reserve your booking online!

There is something for everyone to have fun at Ride & Paddle. Contact us today or Book Online! | Call 941-346-1797


Ride and Paddle by Siesta Sports Rentals, 6551 Midnight Pass Rd, Siesta Key, FL 34242.  We’re located in the Southbridge Mall, near Anna’s Deli and Davidson’s Drugs.  The entrance to our parking lot is between 7 Eleven and Davidson’s Drugs.