While e-bikes (electric bikes) enjoy the most popularity in cities and urban areas, they have become an increasingly common sight in residential areas, including on the streets of Sarasota and Siesta Key. Electric bikes have captured the attention of many demographics seeking to pursue a healthier lifestyle. The assisted mode of bicycling definitely has appeal. In fact, an e-bike may be the best way for older adults to continue their passion for bike riding.

First Things First – What is an E-Bike?

An electric bike – or e-bike – is a standard bike with a battery-operated motor. The motor delivers extra power so that the rider doesn’t have to fully power the bike on their own.

There are several levels of electric assistance that e-bikes may offer. This assistance may range from providing a little push to get up a hill all the way to full power (no pedaling). E-bikes deliver increased pedaling speeds and allow bikers to travel much further distances than they would normally.

How Does an E-Bike Differ From a Regular Bike?

E-bikes are different from regular bikes in two primary ways:

  • E-bikes are equipped with a battery, motor, and control unit
  • E-bikes travel more quickly and cover longer distances

What Are the Types of E-bikes?

E-bikes can be classified using several factors.

Pedal-assist: The motor delivers partial assistance to make the ride easier.
Throttle assist:The motor is capable of fully powering the bike.

Just like regular bicycles, e-bikes may be designed for a broad range of uses. A bike that is designed for street riding should not be used on a mountain trail – so making sure you have the right e-bike for the job is necessary. People purchase e-bikes for many reasons, including:

  • Commuting without the need for a car – or arriving full of sweat.
  • Having the ability to enjoy much longer rides
  • Exploring the outdoors without worrying about getting too tired
  • Spending less on fuel
  • Enjoying a simpler, slower-paced life
  • Participating in a popular social activity, even if you require some assistance

Those who enjoy e-bikes don’t need to learn anything new – If they know how to ride a bicycle and enjoy pedaling, they may fall in love with using an electric bike. Unlike a motorcycle, no license is required.

Exploring Siesta Key by E-bike

Bicycling is a popular way for visitors and tourists to explore Sarasota, Siesta Key, and the surrounding area. Because of our beautiful weather, riding a bike is the perfect way to spend an afternoon.

At Ride and Paddle, we rent bicycles for the entire family to enjoy. We are proud to offer e-bikes that are appropriate for street use to our customers. Although you can’t use them off-road or on the beach, there are many reasons to rent an e-bicycle from us when you are on vacation.

Sarasota has multiple barrier islands, and each of them offers a unique and characteristic experience. While traveling between Keys may be unreasonable on a regular bike, an electric bike can easily transport its rider for many more miles. Check out our favorite bike rides around the Sarasota area, including the Legacy Trail. If you are planning a visit to Siesta Key and want to try something new, ask about renting an e-bike!

Ride and Paddle rents bikes, kayaks, and beach gear to tourists and local residents. No matter what you need for your beach vacation, you’ll likely find it in our inventory. Call today to learn more and to reserve your rental!