Generations of tourists have visited Florida to enjoy its abundant sunshine and beautiful weather. Siesta Key has become one of the foremost vacation destinations in the world, especially in recent years when it has received many accolades for its incredible beaches. While the area has so much to enjoy and explore all year round, you will experience different variations in climate depending on what time of the year you visit. If you are planning a trip to our area, here is the Siesta Key weather you can expect – month by month.

siesta key weather

Many Floridians consider the first three months of the year their favorite climate. During these months, biking, kayaking, and walking the beach are popular activities, as people can enjoy sunny days without contending with heat or excessive humidity.

January: Siesta Key weather at the beginning of the year is typically cooler but still warm enough to spend most days outdoors exploring.  In fact, January boasts an average high temperature of 72 degrees, which is more than peasant. Lows do reach an average of 53 degrees F, meaning that water sports are less desirable for most. In addition to temperate weather, precipitation is generally very rare, so given the wintry conditions in most of the country, Florida is very popular in January.

February: Daily temperatures begin to rise a few degrees in February, with daily highs averaging 74 degrees F. The cooler evenings and mornings continue, along with the dry weather. Experts say that this is one of the best months to spot many species of migratory shorebirds that nest along the coastline.

March: Thanks to spring break occurring around the country, Siesta Key can be crowded during the month of March.  The beaches will be more crowded than they have been for the last couple of months, although most Floridians would still think the air a bit cool for sand and surf. The average high temperature is around 77 degrees, with the low temperature staying in the upper 50s. While the water remains cooled by evening temperatures, manatees may be spotted cruising the shoreline.

April: For northerners, the first month of spring on Siesta Key may seem like the onset of summer. With an average daily high of 81 degrees, April represents one of the busiest months for visitors to the area, while air is warm and precipitation is still rare.

May: This month is characterized by warm weather and warm water, and global visitors arrive to enjoy the beach. With a high temperature of 86 degrees and a low temperature rarely dipping below 70 degrees, Siesta Key weather once again becomes conducive for swimming, boating, and watersports.

June: Florida’s summer climate is in full swing by June, with average high temperatures close to 90 degrees and much more rain and humidity.  The month is typically slow for tourism as schools around the country are finishing their year. June is officially the beginning of hurricane season, but this is a bit early in the year to see those types of storms.

July: This month is very hot (90 degrees or more daily) and very rainy, with storms occurring on most afternoons. Because of the intensity of the sun during the summer, beach and sporting activities often slow down a bit, except in the mornings and evenings.

August: August is on par with July in terms of heat and precipitation, and it also has a higher chance of hurricanes arriving. While still officially summer, August is not the most popular month for tourists—perhaps due to weather or the winding down of summer vacations.

September: Although summer is over, according to the calendar, daily temperatures still average 89 degrees. With warm weather and balmy water, September is an excellent time to visit Siesta Key – especially for those without children. Because schools are back in session, the beach is much less crowded.

October: The beginning of autumn still offers an average high temperature of 85 degrees, and daily rain chances are decreasing. You will also begin to get relief in the evenings, as average lows after sunset dip a few degrees below 70.

November: Florida breathes a collective sigh of relief as hurricane season comes to a close, and cooler air and water temperatures prevail. Visitors can expect an average temperature of approximately 80 degrees, and the return of seasonal snowbirds begins to fill the Key up once again.

December: The holiday season on Siesta Key is vastly different than around the country, as visitors enjoy 74-degree high temperatures and very little rain. Beach activities will drop off as low temperatures once again fall into the mid-50s – but for most outdoor activities, this is a perfect time of year.

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