Siesta Key Beach Chairs or “SKBC” is a rental-based beach, which means that it is your job to sell.  


Property Boundaries:

The north boundary is easy.  We share a boundary with Sandpiper.  The boundary line runs behind the beach umbrella box.  

The south boundary is more difficult. The property line follows the fence line that is hidden behind the dune.   The anchorage has a 10 foot strip between Siesta Sun and Breakers.  Note, the path for The Anchorage crosses over the boundary line (and on to Siesta Sun’s property).  As an accommodation, Siesta Sun agree to let the path cross the line to protect the sea grapes, but the actual boundary should be used on the beach. 




We provide beach service for two different populations

  1. Siesta Sun Siesta Sun guests staying in a 1 bedroom unit receive one complimentary set of lounge chairs.  If the guest is saying in a two bedroom, they are entitled to two complimentary sets.  The two bedroom units are 16, 15, 21 and 25.  Book all complimentary set in beachy using the Multi-Use Pass for unit where the guest is staying.  Siesta Sun receive 50% off of our standard prices for any additional gear.

3.   Anyone Else ($60 plus taxes and fees for a set ($68.05 total). 


THE MULTI-USE PASS:  To check-in Siesta Sun guests, you must verify the name and room number.  Once you verify that information, book a set of chairs on beachy.  Use a set with the prefix Guest.  Once it is in the cart, add a Multi-Use Pass.  Watch the video below for more information.

ADVANCED BOOKINGS:  Our website,, generates advanced reservations. 

  • LOOK FOR YOUR GUESTS:  Most people who booked in advance will find you by walking down beach access 12 and turning right.  It is about 150 paces from beach access 12 to SKBC.  The guests will be looking for you.  They have been told to look for the beach attendant wearing the red shirt.  Pay attention and look for those looking for you. 
  • DON’T GO TO LUNCH IF YOU ARE WAITING FOR ADVANCED BOOKINGS TO ARRIVE.  If you’re about ready to take a lunch break but some guests with reservations have not arrived, text the beach string.  For example:  “The Miller party has not arrived.  I’m planning on taking lunch at 12:30.  Please check on their ETA.”  Someone at the shop will reach out to the Miller party and will be in touch.  

WHat bathroom to use:

There are no restrooms on site.  You may use the Calini pool bathroom.  The gate code for the beach access is 2351.  You may use the restroom at the shop or in the shop storeroom.  (If you make a mess in the shop or storeroom restroom, you must clean it up.)  You may use the restroom at 7-Eleven.   


Talking points:

  • Normal hours 9:15 to 4:00, weather permitting.
  • Each set comes with a complimentary umbrella, weather permitting.  (We don’t rent umbrellas because we don’t want to give refunds if we have to put them down.)
  • If Siesta Sun guests have their own gear, say “Great!  Personal gear goes behind the beach service area.”
  • If a rental guest has their own gear, say “Great! The area for personal gear is to the south or front of the beach service area.”
  • Advanced Bookings:
    • Siesta Sun guests cannot make advance bookings.
    • The general public can book in advance at 
  • We also have paddle sport gear for rent.



  • Black lanyard
  • SKBC iPad
  • SKBC Bag (currently blue)

Minimum Setup:

Set up at least 5 sets.  Open with enough sets to satisfy all of the advanced bookings plus 4 sets.  Your beach attendant station should be visible from the Siesta Sun gate, closer to the Gulf than the dune and close enough to The Anchorage access that you can engage with them if they have questions or want to rent.    



  • Beach chair rentals are nonrefundable.
  • Weather permitting, lounge chairs, umbrellas, paddle sport gear will be available for rent between 9:00am and 4:00pm. The beach attendant must have all the equipment stored and secured by 5:00pm.
  • Chairs will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis on the day of the rental booking.
  • No tents or personal chairs or umbrellas are permitted within our beach service area.  Siesta Sun guests can use their own gear or the loungers under the pavilion behind the beach service area. 
  • Umbrellas are for sun, not rain or wind.  Lower them if there is a risk the umbrellas will be dislodged.
  • The chairs must remain in the checkerboard pattern.  Do not let guests move the chairs.  
  • No smoking on the beach.
  • Music must be kept at a volume that it cannot be heard by other beachgoers.
  • No pets are allowed on the beach. Service dogs, with a service animal badge, are welcome.  Please clean up after your service dog.
  • No glass of any kind is allowed on the beach.
  • Do not feed seagulls or other wildlife.
  • Guests should pick up their own trash and fill in holes they make.
  • Do not disturb sea turtles or sea turtle nests.



  • Guest have use of the gear from 9:00 to 4:00
  • 3:30:  Unused stuff can be stored.
  • 4:00:  Beach Service Ends.  Tell guests it is time for the beach day to end.
  • 5:00:  Finished securing gear

SKBC Specific Videos:

These videos will help you with things you’ll encounter at SKBC.



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