TEN35 is one of our simplest beaches.  This is an inclusive beach that only serves those staying at TEN35 Seaside. 


Property Boundaries:

The north boundary is shared with Sea Crest.  Set the north boundary line by lining up the white 4×4 post on the southwest corner of the awning over the grills with the north wall of the beach beach house.  The dune is completely on TEN35’s property.    

The south boundary is next to a private access for Sarasota by the Sea Association (A group of properties on Seaside Drive and Sun and Sea Drive).  The fence behind umbrella box is on the property line.  Set the south boundary line a little to the south of the line of palm trees.  The palms trees are on TEN35’s property.

The west boundary line (toward the Gulf of Mexico) should be at about the high tide line.  Reference where the attendant for the Hyatt (just to the south of TEN35) and the attendant for Sea Crest put their flags.  




We provide beach service for the owners and registered guests of TEN35 and only the owners and registered guests of TEN35.  Verify by confirming the name and unit number on the guest roster.  Pickup the roster daily at the TEN35 office on the third floor.  No one else is allowed on their beach (this includes your family and friends).

UNIQUE WRINKLES: We are recreational attendants  

  • It is our responsibility to open the umbrellas at the beginning of the shift and close them at 4:00pm.
  • We provide the following recreational equipment:   
    1. Beach Cruisers
    2. Kayaks
    3. Paddle Boards
  • When an owner or registered guest wants to use the recreational equipment, verify that they have signed the waiver by looking at the guest roster.  If they have not signed the waiver, send them to the office on the third floor to sign.  The office staff should use the radio to let you know when the waiver has been signed. 
  • When you check out recreational equipment, be sure to tell the guests that the gear must be returned by 4:00 to give you a chance to close on time.
  • If the bikes are returned sandy, rinse them off.  There is a hose in a bucket for our use.  It is stored behind the fence with the pool filter, etc.  If the tires need to be aired up (standard pressure is 40psi), use the air compressor stored in the same location.  
  • “Sunset Chairs” there is a brown box with folding beach chairs that can be used by TEN35 guests for sunset.  The combination for the box is 5595.  It is the guest’s responsibility to return the chairs to the box when they are finished with them.  
  • Sets consist of 4 lounge chairs and 1 umbrella.  If guests want more umbrellas, you may accommodate if you have availability, just tell the guest that if demand increases you’ll have to give the extra umbrella to others.   

Talking points:

  • Normal hours 9:15 to 4:15, weather permitting.
  • Each unit is entitled to 4 lounge chairs and 1 umbrella, weather permitting.
  • If they have their own gear, say “Great! The area for personal gear is beyond the flags to the south.”

WHat bathroom to use:

You may use the restroom on the 3rd floor of TEN35.  Be sure to rinse the sand off of your feet and shoes before entering the building.  Shirt and shoes are required to enter the building. 



  • Red lanyard.


Minimum Setup:

Set up at least 16 chairs.  4 sets of 4 lounge chairs, evenly spread across the front row.  



  • Weather permitting, lounge chairs, umbrellas, paddle sport gear will be available for rent between 9:15am and 4:15pm. The beach attendant must have all the equipment stored and secured by 5:00pm.
  • Chairs may not be reserved.  If you leave a chair unattended, the beach attendant may remove your belongings to make the chairs available to other guests.
  • No tents or personal chairs or umbrellas are permitted within our flagged private beach service area. You are welcome to take your own gear south or seaward of the flagged beach service area.
  • Umbrellas are for sun, not rain or wind.  Lower them if there is a risk the umbrellas will be dislodged.
  • The chairs must remain in the checkerboard pattern.  Do not let guests move the chairs.  
  • No smoking on the beach.
  • Music must be kept at a volume that it cannot be heard by other beachgoers.
  • No pets are allowed on the beach. Service dogs, with a service animal badge, are welcome.  Please clean up after your service dog.
  • No glass of any kind is allowed on the beach.
  • Do not feed seagulls or other wildlife.
  • Guests should pick up their own trash and fill in holes they make.
  • Do not disturb sea turtles or sea turtle nests.


When can you start to Close down:

  • 3:30 backpack and batteries can be returned to storeroom on parking level 2 and radio can be returned to charger in office on the 3rd floor.
  • 4:00 Pool umbrellas can be put down.  All pool umbrellas must be closed at the end of your shift.  
  • 4:15 Begin to close.  Start with unused gear first.
  • 5:00 All gear should be secured.  


TEN35 Specific Video:

This video explains where to find things, how to open the pool umbrellas and other TEN35 specific information.




86° F
light rain

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*We do not deliver e-bikes, scooters or scooter cars.


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