Paddlesports at Turtle

A day on the water is a highlight for many visitors to Siesta Key.  

Our PADDLERS EXPLORE THE Jim Neville Marine Preserve.    

 We meet paddlers at the public boat launch in Turtle Beach County Park.  We’re one of several Commercial Recreational Tour Operators (or “CRTO” as commonly called) that have a contract with Sarasota County to operate in the park.  The county staff monitors what we do and we have certain contractual duties.    


 The first step in any launch is getting ready.  Study the cart below for the process of getting setup for a launch. 

The Turtle Ipad.    

 The Turtle iPad is a vital tool for you when you’re working at Turtle.  All of the apps and websites you’ll need are saved in the taskbar. 

How to find an Order IN RENTRAX.    

 One of the steps in getting ready for a launch is finding the order in Rentrax.  This video will show you how to do it. 

Putting boats on the water.    

Once you’re setup, the next step in the process is greeting the guests and getting them on the water.  Study the flowchart below to understand the process.  


 We have an online “stash” of photos that we use for marketing and social media.  Guests who upload photos using the website: receive a coupon code for $5.00 off a rental or a t-shirt.  We also have an internal version of this site for crew members to upload photos:  When you’re out and about at cool places snap a photo of our gear and upload it.  As part of your training please use your phone to go to save this site as a favorite and upload a photo.    



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*We do not deliver e-bikes, scooters or scooter cars.


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